It’s time for a modern metadata solution, one that is just as fast, flexible, and scalable as the rest of the modern data stack

2020 brought a lot of new words into our everyday vocabulary — think coronavirus, defund, and malarkey. But in the data world, another phrase has been making the rounds… the modern data stack.

The data world has recently converged around the best set of tools for dealing with massive amounts…

The story of where data governance started and how everything went wrong

“Of all the tasks that I have done in the data industry, data governance has honestly been my least favorite.”

–Laura B. Madsen, Disrupting Data Governance

When you hear the phrase “data governance”, what’s the first thing you think? Rules or policies? Processes or management? Control?

Data governance is seen…

Notes from Industry

There’s no one path to creating a data strategy. Here’s how to find yours and create strong data advantages.

As the co-founder of two data start-ups, one question I get all the time is, “How do I get started with my data strategy? Where do we start? What do we prioritize?”

It’s an understandable question. Today companies are bombarded with reminders about the importance of using data. In NewVantage…

Pro tips on growing data participation, protecting your data, increasing diversity, and more

A few weeks ago, Fivetran hosted the Modern Data Stack Conference (MDSCON) 2021, a virtual conference to empower data-driven decisions that transform businesses, teams, and careers. We at Atlan were stoked to attend and shared notes from our favorite sessions throughout the conference’s two days and 40+ sessions.

Since then…

Active metadata is the latest category from Gartner, and it’s a transformational leap from today’s augmented data catalogs

Metadata management just got shaken up with Gartner scrapping its Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions and replacing it with the Market Guide for Active Metadata. See the difference? With that change, Gartner just introduced Active Metadata as a new category for the future.

As with any new category in…

This marks a paradigm shift in how we should approach metadata. Here’s the why and how.

In January of this year, I wrote that metadata management is at the cusp of a transformational leap forward.

This week, Gartner took a huge step toward this by scrapping its Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions and replacing it with a Market Guide for Active Metadata. …

What you should know about active metadata and how you can use it to build a forward-looking data stack

I was excited to attend the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, held in early June this year, where I participated in more than 50 sessions focused on strategies and discussions to help data and analytics leaders meet the demands of today and the future.

Across these sessions, one recurring concept…

How companies can use their data to create competitive advantages and unlock greater growth

In October 2019, Nike announced that it would replace its CEO of 13 years, Mark Parker, with John Donahoe. Rather than being from the sports world, Donahoe was a veteran tech executive with high-profile stints at eBay, Paypal, and the cloud computing company ServiceNow.

In hiring a tech leader for…


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